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New books from university presses

(1) The Political Clinic: Psychoanalysis and Social Change in the Twentieth Century
Carolyn Laubender
ISBN: 9780231214957
View at publisher (Columbia University Press)

(2) Love: Brief Books about Big Ideas
Anne Marie Pahuus
ISBN: 9781421447858
View at publisher (Johns Hopkins University Press)

(3) "Revolution in Poetic Language" Fifty Years Later: New Directions in Kristeva Studies
Emilia Angelova; SUNY series in Gender Theory
ISBN: 9781438498034
View at publisher (SUNY Press)

(4) Deeper Learning with Psychedelics: Philosophical Pathways through Altered States
David J. Blacker
ISBN: 9781438498126
View at publisher (SUNY Press)

(5) Conversations with Monsters: On mortality, creativity and neurodivergent survival
Charlotte Amelia Poe
ISBN: 9781805010999
View at publisher (University of British Columbia Press)

(6) Exploring Agency in Children and Youth: Expressions and Constraints
Marinos, Voula
ISBN: 9781771993388
View at publisher (University Press of Chicago)

(7) From Skepticism to Competence: How American Psychiatrists Learn Psychotherapy
Craciun, Mariana
ISBN: 9780226833910
View at publisher (University Press of Chicago)