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New books from university presses

(1) Pellegrino's Clinical Bioethics: A Compendium
Edmund D. Pellegrino
ISBN: 9780813237534
View at publisher (Catholic University of America Press)

(2) Doing Dignity: Ethical Praxis and the Politics of Care
Christa Teston
ISBN: 9781421448763
View at publisher (Johns Hopkins University Press)

(3) Progress Notes: One Year in the Future of Medicine
Abraham M. Nussbaum, MD
ISBN: 9781421448947
View at publisher (Johns Hopkins University Press)

(4) Just Health: Treating Structural Racism to Heal America
Dayna Bowen Matthew
ISBN: 9781479831005
View at publisher (New York University Press)

(5) Criminalized Lives: HIV and Legal Violence
Alexander McClelland; Illustrated by Eric Kostiuk Williams; Foreword by Robert Suttle
ISBN: 9781978832053
View at publisher (Rutgers University Press)

(6) Encoding Bioethics: AI in Clinical Decision-Making
by Charles Binkley (Author), Tyler Loftus (Author)
ISBN: 9780520397538
View at publisher (University of California Press)

(7) The Secular Care of the Self: Discipline and Its Discontents across the Protestant Atlantic
Ian Whitmarsh
ISBN: 9780826365910
View at publisher (University of New Mexico Press)

(8) Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity, Spring 2023: Research, Education and Policy
Shelvy L. Campbell-Monroe
ISBN: 9781469683652
View at publisher (University of North Carolina Press)

(9) First, Do Less Harm
Edited by Vanessa Gruben; Contributions by Line Beauchesne, Chelsea Cox, Martha Jackman, Joao Velloso, Sam Halabi, Stephanie Lake, Stephanie Arlt, Sandra K
ISBN: 9780776641935
View at publisher (University of Ottawa Press)

(10) From Skepticism to Competence: How American Psychiatrists Learn Psychotherapy
Craciun, Mariana
ISBN: 9780226833910
View at publisher (University Press of Chicago)

(11) Pandemic Minds: COVID-19 and Mental Health in Hong Kong
Whitehead, Kate
ISBN: 9789888842896
View at publisher (University Press of Chicago)