University Press Alerts

Monthly lists with the newest books


The data collected by University Press Alert are periodically updated. The main focus here is to provide a monthly list of (academic) book titles that are published very recently.

As the data are collected from third-party websites (i.e., from the websites of the university presses themselves), it is possible that some information may differ from the original sources given that the websites may not be structured uniformly, so that our technology may make some mistakes. For instance, some publications may come with multiple ISBNs (e.g., for the hardback version, for the paperback version, and for the eBook version) but only one ISBN will be collected (as of now) by University Press Alert. Or there may differing ways of showing the publication date, while our scripts may be able to extract only one particular format.

In addition, we cannot cover all university presses, and even some prominent ones are missing given that websites with advanced security measures restrict our access. We thus cannot guarantee comprehensive and accurate data collection, but solely a list of some recently published books, sorted by category, and covering many dozens of university presses.

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