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Political Science

(55 books found from January 2024)

God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America
Bruce Hoffman and Jacob Ware
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231211222

Indigenous Peoples and Borders
Sheryl Lightfoot; Elsa Stamatopoulou
Duke University Press
ISBN: 978-1-4780-2547-4

Catastrophic Diplomacy: US Foreign Disaster Assistance in the American Century
Julia F. Irwin
University of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9781469677231

Not in My Backyard: How Citizen Activists Nationalized Local Politics in the Fight to Save Green Springs
Brian Balogh
Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300253788

Iran and Global Decolonisation: Politics and Resistance After Empire
Steele, Robert
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9781914983085

Spartakus: The Symbology of Revolt
Jesi, Furio
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9781803093628

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)


(41 books found from January 2024)

The First Asians in the Americas: A Transpacific History
Diego Javier Luis
Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674271784

Death’s Social and Material Meaning beyond the Human
Jesse D. Peterson; Natashe Lemos Dekker; Philip R. Olson
Bristol University Press
ISBN: 978-152923014

Being Human: Political Modernity and Hospitality in Kurdistan-Iraq
Fazil Moradi
Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9781978831698

The Paradox of Paradise: Creative Destruction and the Rise of Urban Coastal Tourism in Contemporary Spanish Culture
William Nichols
Vanderbilt University Press
ISBN: 9780826506214

The urban life of workers in post-Soviet Russia: Engaging in everyday struggle
Alexandrina Vanke
Manchester University Press
ISBN: 978-1-5261-67

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)

Business & Economics

(31 books found from January 2024)

Menopause Transitions and the Workplace: Theorizing Transitions, Responsibilities and Interventions
Vanessa Beck; Jo Brewis
Bristol University Press
ISBN: 978-152921570

Winning with Data Science: A Handbook for Business Leaders
Howard Steven Friedman and Akshay Swaminathan
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231206860

The Ordinary Business of Life: A History of Economics from the Ancient World to the Twenty-First Century - New Edition
Roger E. Backhouse
Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691252018

We Need to Talk About Inflation: 14 Urgent Lessons from the Last 2,000 Years
Stephen D. King
Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300276084

American Agriculture, Water Resources, and Climate Change
Libecap, Gary D.
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9780226830612

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)


(20 books found from January 2024)

Teaching as if Students Matter: A Guide to Creating Classrooms Based on Relationships and Engaged Learning
Jaye Zola; John Zola
SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438496672

The Education of Things: Mechanical Literacy in British Children's Literature, 1762–1860
Elizabeth Massa Hoiem
University of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781625347558

Contingent Faculty and the Remaking of Higher Education: A Labor History
Edited by Eric Fure-Slocum and Claire Goldstene
University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 978-0-252-045

Central City's Joy and Pain: Solidarity, Survival, and Soul in a Birmingham Housing Project
By Jerome E. Morris
University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9-780-8203-65

Capital of Mind: The Idea of a Modern American University
Nelson, Adam R.
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9780226829203

Diversity Leadership in Education: Embedding Practices of Social Justice
Catherine McGregor; Shailoo Bedi
McGill-Queen's University Press
ISBN: 9780228019251

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)


(62 books found from January 2024)

A View of Venice: Portrait of a Renaissance City
Kristin Love Huffman
Duke University Press
ISBN: 978-1-4780-1917-6

Fantasies of music in nostalgic medievalism
Helen Dell
Manchester University Press
ISBN: 978-1-5261-73

Art, Medicine, and Femininity: Visualising the Morphine Addict in Paris, 1870–1914
Hannah Halliwell
McGill-Queen's University Press
ISBN: 9780228019909

Theater of Capital: Modern Drama and Economic Life
Alisa Zhulina
Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810146341

Livestreaming: An Aesthetics and Ethics of Technical Encounter
EL Putnam
University of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 978-1-5179-17

What Price Hollywood?: Gender and Sex in the Films of George Cukor
Elyce Rae Helford
University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 9780813197029

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)


(47 books found from January 2024)

The Weirdness of the World
Eric Schwitzgebel
Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691215679

The Culmination: Heidegger, German Idealism, and the Fate of Philosophy
Pippin, Robert B.
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9780226830001

The Moral Life: Eight Lectures
James F. Keenan
Georgetown University Press
ISBN: 978-1-64712-3

Catastrophic Historicism: Reading Julia de Burgos Dangerously
Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús
Fordham University Press
ISBN: 9781531505646

Totalitarianism: A Borderline Idea in Political Philosophy
Simona Forti
Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9781503627505

Messy Ethics in Human Rights Work
Plaut, Shayna
University Press of Chicago
ISBN: 9780774868518

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)


(22 books found from January 2024)

Climate Litigation and Justice in Africa
Kim Bouwer; Uzuazo Etemire; Tracy-Lynn Field; Ademola Oluborode Jegede
Bristol University Press
ISBN: 978-152922895

Legal Phantoms: Executive Action and the Haunting Failures of Immigration Law
Jennifer M. Chacón, Susan Bibler Coutin, and Stephen Lee
Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9781503611719

Crowded Orbits: Conflict and Cooperation in Space, second edition
James Clay Moltz
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231207072

Struggles for the Human: Violent Legality and the Politics of Rights
Lara Montesinos Coleman
Duke University Press
ISBN: 978-1-4780-2556-6

Down Ballot: How a Local Campaign Became a National Referendum on Abortion
Patrick Wohl
University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 978-0-252-045

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)

Religion & Theology

(40 books found from January 2024)

Minor Prophets for Living: Daily Prayers, Wisdom, and Guidance
Mark Lanier
Baylor University Press
ISBN: 9781481320986

Altar and Church: Principles of Liturgy from Early Christianity
Stefan Heid
Catholic University of America Press
ISBN: 9780813237435

The Coloniality of the Secular: Race, Religion, and Poetics of World-Making
Yountae An
Duke University Press
ISBN: 978-1-4780-2510-8

Traces of the Prophets: Relics and Sacred Spaces in Early Islam
Adam Bursi
Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9781399522328

American Patroness: Marian Shrines and the Making of US Catholicism
Edited by Katherine Dugan and Karen E. Park; Contributor(s): Adrienne Nock Ambrose, Lloyd Barba, James S. Bielo, Katherine Dugan, David J. Endres, Kay
Fordham University Press
ISBN: 9781531504885

Strictly Observant: Amish and Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women Negotiating Media
Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar
Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9781978805217

The Whole Mystery of Christ: Creation as Incarnation in Maximus Confessor
Jordan Daniel Wood
University of Notre Dame Press
ISBN: 9780268203481

Circumventing the Law: Rabbinic Perspectives on Loopholes and Legal Integrity
Elana Stein Hain
University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9781512824407

Etc. etc. (this is just an exemplary snippet)

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